How Is OneHash Trying To Strengthen Its e-Sport Betting Platform?

How Is OneHash Trying To Strengthen Its e-Sport Betting Platform?

OneHash is making investments in e-sports betting to strengthen its position as a leader by adding up fresh features. This is the rapidly growing mutual bitcoin betting platform dedicated for e-gamers. The company’s promotion is known as “Become OneHash e-sports MVP” with a maximum of 0.5 bitcoin core to win. The platform is designed and created particularly with multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), as well as, CS:GO betters. The aim of the new features is to provide additional options to users.

Place Bet

This will enable users to place a bet on their favorite teams, as well as, games with the help of digital coins, reported. Moreover, users would be provided with an option to bet on the final score of their favorite Dota 2, CS:GO games and League of Legends. This is much similar to most of the other betting platforms. Aside from these, there will be several play-by-play options like a number of won maps, race to kills, first blood and much more.

OneHash has selected new features carefully by roping in most active e-sports users’ cooperation so that it could be in a position to provide the most compelling options in the betting market. The company plans to create a dedicated affiliate program for players of e-sports that are likely to be released anytime in the near-term. During the Dota 2 and gameplay of CS:GO, players could earn bitcoins with the promotion of OneHash.

Following the additional features, the company believes that it could establish an unbeatable offer. The brand manager of OneHash, Eric Baker, said, “We truly believe that  e-sport is the next big thing for betting. This is why we expand our offer in this area. We want it to be the best and the most competitive option for bettors on the market. The initial feedback from the users is astonishing – people who betted for big games during the International really enjoyed the new options.”

The brand manager believes that the new affiliate program release could make its platform a complete one. The company is ready with the promotion for the biggest tournaments that normally happen in the current and next month, i.e., between August 20 and September 23. Users would get the point for each 0.001 bitcoin core wagered on e-sports event. At the end of the promotion, the players with the most points will be declared a winner.


Main prizes apart, the e-sport betting firm will select five players randomly for CS:GO skins. This highlighted the commitments of OneHash towards providing not only entertaining but also innovative and fair gaming to everyone. As a result, there will also be a possibility for customers to win prizes.

There are six major events in August and September, which is an important one for e-sports players. This included FACEIT, ZOTAC and the International. Eric indicated that his team has crafted the rules carefully and selected the prizes, which are attractive. The company has also declared new competitive games recently, which are Moon and Goals. These two games not only complement but increase gaming offer.

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